Dumpster diving

I can’t believe I never encountered this before.

Context: Man on Twitter is whining about women he doesn’t know complaining that all men are trash. He misses the point–men are trash in all contexts, not just in relationships.

@Raquel_Savage quote-tweets to bring attention to non-relationship contexts:

Finally @sjw_movies responds to @Raquel_Savage, narrowing back to the scope of dating:

Any woman who likes men is going to encounter trash. Remember #YesAllWomen? All women encounter trash men on the regular.

Decent guys are rare. Guys worth emotionally investing in are even rarer. For those who don’t mind the grime, dumpster diving can lead to buried treasure.

But more and more women–myself included–are opting out of dating. When you hear about or witness the extreme levels of trash out there, can you blame us?

So yeah: dumpster diving. It’s my new favorite metaphor for dating men.

Just wanted to share that. Also, men are trash.

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