Blog posts pipeline

I have a ton of ideas for blog posts.

Many of these posts are half-written. Inspiration would strike and I’d capture it in a number of forms.

Markdown files buried in the /drafts folder in either of my two Jekyll site repos. Google Keep notes containing the urls of threads I’ve written on Twitter. Redundant Google Docs, some of which have content from my Keep notes, others I wrote directly in Docs. Postbox drafts and Novlr chapters and Evernote notes. It was a mess.

A few weeks back I finally got smart and threw together a kanban-style Trello board to manage it all. Here’s the result:

It’s such a relief to have them organized somewhere outside my brain. For over two years I’d felt burdened by how much writing I want to do. Now I can prioritize.

Bonus, I can use the Trello widget on my phone to quickly jot down new topics. It’s faster than using Keep and it goes straight into my New list to be planned, labeled, and fleshed out at a later time. Zero mental burden.

Another thing I’m trying is getting posts out sooner by making them a little shorter and leaving my audience wanting more. I’m not going to do justice to every topic I graze in the space of a post. I can put a pin in it and revisit the topic at a later time in more detail.

This past month I’ve been totally inspired by Andrew Huang’s prolific songwriting and YouTube career. Here he shows how he finishes old songs he got stuck on:

Ugh, don’t you just love him?

So I’m gonna see what other shortcuts I find and just keep aiming to publish. Starting with this post riiiiiight… now.

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