Dating Profile

aka: for grown-ups.

I’ve been on and off OkCupid for years. I met some cool people and a lot of boring people but my favorite part was always updating my profile.

This time when I deleted my OkCupid account I decided to save my profile contents and post it here. Content subject to change without notice.

git_goddess profile

My self-summary

Seeking an exclusive relationship with someone who’s crazy about me. I fall fast and hard. You should too cause I’m kind of a babe.

Pro tip: talk to me about something besides my work. Apparently initial messages that mention food are the most effective. I can say with some certainty that messages offering to buy me food without asking for anything in return are especially effective.

I’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and money becoming the awesome person I am today. A meal is a pretty low entry price to be invited into my world.

What I’m doing with my life

My roles:

  • software developer
  • spoonie
  • crazy person
  • feminist
  • social media social scientist
  • armchair novelist
  • incessant teacher/mentor/knowledge dispenser
  • lifelong learner
  • the cutest critic you’ve ever seen
  • classically trained violinist
  • aspiring lounge singer

Bucket list roles:

  • lounge singer
  • ig honey (not my handle, okc just automatically links it)
  • cam girl
  • milf
  • cougar

I’m really good at

(this one was empty)

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Hollywood needs to replace all its white male leads with women of color. Like seriously, why do we cast white dudes still? Or any men at all?

Six things I could never do without

  • meds
  • bras
  • brahs (aka friends)
  • very expensive skin care products for my very finicky skin
  • hope aka neuroplasticity

I spend a lot of time thinking about

how much of the “Men are fools”/”Women are crazy” thinking that gets belabored in the Wheel of Time books accurately reflects reality. (In my experience, 100%)

whether I can afford a boyfriend for hire. If he cooks, cleans, and keeps me in shape I would probably end up saving money.

On a typical Friday night I am

spending 2-4 hours on at-home spa shit: hair mask (1h), face mask, salt scrub, shave, moisturize, manicure (2h). I usually do a load of laundry to pass the time if my nails aren’t wet.

drinking wine and one or more of the following

  • reading on my Kindle
  • playing piano
  • singing
  • dancing to Beyoncé
  • updating my okcupid profile
  • twitter
  • organizing my files on Google Drive

potentially on a date with you, impressing you while eating delicious food

You should message me if

you want to date somebody who’s been called a “nympho” or “freak” by nearly every partner.

you want to feed me in exchange for life advice, music lessons, serenades, copy editing, job application help, programming lessons, or just for the benefit of seeing my smiling face.

you want to feed me in exchange for nothing, out of the goodness of your heart. I’m bad at feeding myself if you can’t tell.

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Software engineer, armchair novelist

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